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Club Officers


St. Louis Beard & Mustache Club has 6 officer positions in the club.  Elections happen every year in July where 3 of the officers are elected to a 2 year term.  We have a nomination process that happens a month earlier than posted elections.  Anyone who has been a member at least 3 months can vote and run for office if nominated.

StLBMC Arch-144_edited.jpg
Josh Cozad

The president's duties are to call and chair official meetings as well as provide strong leadership and guidance for the club.  The president should work with the officers and general membership to execute the mission of the club.

StLBMC Arch-147_edited.jpg
Vice President
Joey Rumpell

The vice-president should provide a strong leadership presence for the club and do the duties of the president in the president's absence.  December is the annual vice-presidential meeting chaired by the vice-president.

StLBMC Arch-143_edited.jpg
Caitlin Cozad
StLBMC Arch-142_edited.jpg
Steve Hughes

The treasurer is involved in all financial matters, including budgeting, banking, collection of dues, financial planning, and tax preparation.

The sentinel is the enforcer of rules and keeper of order.  The sentinel calls each meeting to order.

ben roe.jpg


Ben Roe

The historian shall keep an accurate roll of membership as well as provide a transcription of the meeting minutes.  The historian shall provide an objective history of the club.

Ben Fantasia

The recruiter schedules one recruitment event per year for the club.  The recruiter is specifically responsible for growing the membership of the club.

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