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Join Us!

St Louis Beard & Mustache want YOU to join us!  We are looking for diverse members with unique qualities who are into facial hair and enjoy helping the community through volunteer work and events focused on fun, facial hair, and togetherness.   


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About Us



St Louis was not a beard friendly city..... until now.


Because of our efforts, you can now legitimately grow your beard or mustache and express your masculinity for a charitable cause.  Our time as beardsmen and mustachioed gentlemen has arrived.  No one should be forced to shave for work, and now.... more and more professions are doing away with barbaric grooming policies meant to bend otherwise normal people to conform to an outdated and unnecessary body modification. 

Waxing the 'Stache


Our members have knowledge and experience using a wide range of products, grooming supplies, local services, and general facial hair knowledge.

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